The new SL version of the P3 has shipped to us and looks as cool as it rides. With a lighter frame and anodized aluminum tubeset the competition will only be able to stare as you move away. The adjustable rear wheel cutout makes this one of the most aerodynamic bikes on the market. Set up with HED3 wheels and aerobars it may be the sleekest bike on record.

2005 Santana Beyond


Santana’s BEYOND made out of the ultralite ISOGRID-BI/FUSION tubes is the stiffest, most comfortable and lightest tandem frame produced – 2580gr / 5.71pounds in a medium size.

2005 Kestrel Airfoil Pro


The Europeans still call it The Race of Truth: Just you, the bike, and the clock. To this merciless discipline Kestrel humbly dedicates the KM40, designed, tested and re-designed to yield just one result: the near perfect translation of muscle power into forward speed. The KM’s geometry is specifically tuned to the flat-back time trial position, while the design’s outstanding vertical compliance isolates the rider from bumps and road shock. The massive downtube is both exceptionally stiff and aerodynamically optimal; 650c wheels and our unique seat tubeless design make the KM one of the slipperiest bikes on the Queen K Highway…or anywhere else.

2005 Cervelo R2.5


This is the bike that made Lance and the US Postal team suffer for their 6th tour win in 2004. The R2.5 has 4 Tour de France stage wins, a 3rd overall in the 2004 Tour, and in 2003 the CSC team rode the R2.5 to a Team Victory at the tour. It weighs in at a shocking 1 kg, yet the R2.5 boast an unsurpassed frame strength.

2004 Aegis T2


The T2 is Aegis’s all new carbon Triathlon sensation. With the curves of the hottest model you have ever seen, speed that would impress an Indy driver, and just a whole bunch of cool. The T2 is sure to turn heads this year.

2004 Quintano Roo TiPhoon

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